Research and Discovery


You want to be sure whatever marketing you’re planning you’re going to get a great return. The best way to ensure this is but undertaking research.  That might sound like a big yawn and not what you’ve really got time for but the good news we’re experts online market intelligence, we’ve got a wealth of data available to us and we can make your research effective and immediate.

The data we can provide can give you with the information you need to make, not only search marketing decisions but wider strategic business decisions.  Our research has helped shaped successful business strategies, informing companies on decisions regarding products lines, marketing channels and brand identity, as well as key demographics, competitors and online performance.

Get online marketing intelligence on your competitors

Wouldn’t it be great to know the secret of your competitor’s success? The Performance Marketing Agency has access to data which can reveal the online marketing tactics of your rivals so you can decide how best to approach the market. You can learn from their mistakes, take the best from their strategies and maximise your ROI and market share.

Not just numbers – Online Market Insight Worcester

Data is all well and good but sometimes it’s tricky getting the most out it. We have many years of experience analyzing online data, data storytelling and turning data into actionable online market insight.  You want to understand what the numbers are saying, our analysts will study the data, pulling out key recommendations and working with you to apply these to your marketing or business strategy. We can do this a single report or work you on a regular basis to analyze continuing trends so you always know where your business, marketing or products should be positioned.

Want to get access to your Online Marketing Insight?

Contact us today, we’re always ready to help with research and discovery. Alternatively, if you’d like discover more about us or our other Search Marketing Services, such as Professional Paid Search (PPC), SEO Services or SEO Copywriting Services please do follow our links.

Paid Search

Immediate, reactive and targeted we harness PPC to get your business front and centre.

Experts in all forms of online advertising we will develop paid search campaigns to deliver success.

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Organic Search working for you to get you seen for right phrase.

We do Search Engine Optimisation the right way to ensure your website is visible to your potential customers.

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Social & Content

Quality content and social presence to drive traffic and raise your profile.

Our experience team of online copywriters can create powerful copy and campaigns which attract positive attention.

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