Business Intelligence (BI)


Business Intelligence or BI is one of those phrases that gets banded around marketing media making us all wonder whether we have it, whether we need it and how we can get it.  

Our Business Intelligence Consultants Worcester are here to demystify, advise and support on all aspects Business Intelligence and BI dashboards, ensuring your business can access the Business Intelligence you need to gain actionable insight.

What is Business Intelligence?

Well we probably all wish we had it! Essentially Business Intelligence is the gathering together of multiple sets of complex data and blending it together so your business can see what has happened historically, going on currently (often in real time) and use this insight to forecast. Traditionally, the preserve of enterprise level business, business intelligence software (such as Power BI, Tableau and Domo) has made BI something that is now more accessible to other businesses, although still involves a great deal of technical development to ensure that the right data is being brought together in a meaningful way.

What are BI Dashboards and Data Visualisation?

BI data is usually presented in dashboards and is visual as well as numeric, known as data visualisation, this method makes data quick and simple to understand, collating data in an easy digestible way. BI dashboards can be bespoke and created to update in real time so once built they create rapid access to your insight.

Need a help figuring out the best BI option?

If you want a bespoke BI dashboard created for your business we can work with you to scope your project and understand the various data sources you have available and how best to put them together. Our Business Intelligence Consultants Worcester can help you find the right BI dashboard platform and work with you to identify the best development partner. We are vendor agonostic so we will all always give you the most impartial advice.

Ready to talk to our Business Intelligence Consultants Worcester?

Contact us today – we’d be really pleased to hear from you. Alternatively, if you’d like discover more about us or our other CRM / MA /BI Services, such as CRM, Marketing Automation or Data Reporting please do follow our links.


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