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Looking for a new search marketing agency? Not sure how it all works? Got lots of questions about digital marketing? We’ve tried to answer a few of them below.

The world of search marketing, web and CRM can just feel like a sea of acronyms so don’t worry if we’ve not answered your question. We are here to help. We’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact us and we can figure out together how best we can help you succeed.

Why do I need a Search Marketing Agency?

We have experience and the tools to get you the best return on your investment. We understand the advantages and equally pitfalls of the different online approaches and will work to get you the very best from your budget. You can do it yourself of course but surely it’s better to focus on what you do best and we’ll focus on what we’re really good at – search marketing. Discover more about Search Marketing

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing is an online marketing strategy for which cost is determined only when a specific action is undertaken. This could be like PPC when an ad click is paid for but it could be broader including conversions such as bookings, sales or leads. Performance Marketing ensures media spend is only charged once after the desired action is completed. It can be a great way to increase brand exposure whilst delivering powerful ROI.  Discover more About Us

What is Display Advertising?

These are paid graphical ads which appear on websites, apps, social media and other online media. They can be ideal for increasing your reach and brand awareness as they can be carefully targeted, on the basis of previous behaviours as well as demographic criteria etc. Discover more about Paid Search

What is the difference between Retargeting and Remarketing

Remarketing advertising is directing ads towards visitors who have already been to your website or had an interaction with you. Whilst Retargeting is targeting advertising to people who’ve perhaps visited other websites (such as a competitor’s websites) or carried out other suitable behaviours, who may be interested in your product. Discover more about Paid Search

How do I find a good SEO agency near me?

The top of Google is the simple answer. If an agency claims to be good at SEO but can’t be found for their chosen local phrase they can’t be much cop. However look out for companies that claim to be local but aren’t – as you’d expect SEO agencies are great at marketing all over the place so may be top of Google for your town and really be based at the other end of the UK. Crucially talk to them, do they know their stuff, do you get on, are they giving you good advice – they should be able to help you develop your keyword targeting so should want to get to know your business and your goals? SEO takes time so you want to be able to work with guys for many months so make sure you like them. Discover more about SEO

How long does SEO take to work?

In honesty it’s not an instance method of online marketing but once you get traction it can provide a great return. SEO can take several months to work but it depends on many different factors such as the website structure, content and the competitiveness of phrases you’re trying to get found for. Discover more about SEO

What is a CRM?

Well it’s short for Customer Relationship Management System… but that really doesn’t tell the whole story. A CRM is a super clever database which sits at the heart of your sales and marketing. It holds all the data about your customers, leads and opportunities, your contact with them and can be linked with other systems to drive targeted automated marketing campaigns. Discover more about CRMs

What is Marketing Automation (MA)?

Marketing automation is essentially a marketing communication or ad display which is triggered automatically because a visitor or consumer has taken a particular action.  This can be as simple as an email sent to because you visited a website and browsed a particular product or can be a series of subtle messages sent to you via various different means to guide you towards a particular goal. In most cases the marketing automation is driven by specialist software. Discover more about Marketing Automation

How long does it take to build a website?

In honesty there are heaps of variables with web builds. Simple ‘brochure style’ websites can be designed and built in a few weeks whereas complex ecommerce websites often take longer. We always try and be quick as we understand you could be under pressure to deliver yourself. We will work with you to achieve your objectives and always tell you upfront the expected lead times on any project. Discover more about Websites

Where is the Performance Marketing Agency Based?

We are based in sunny (well sometimes sunny) Worcester. We serve clients across the Midlands, Wales, the South and even mainland Europe. Discover more About Us

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