Data Reporting


Access to great data can make for better business decisions. Afterall if you can see what’s going on how do you know if you’re really succeeding? As a data analysis and reporting agency you’d expect us to be advocates of the power of data but what we’re real fans of is useful data. 

Making data useful is our mission. Data is being gathering constantly but how do you get the stuff which can really help you when there’s just so much? As your data analysis and reporting agency Worcester we can work with you to identify the key data to your business, refine it and make it useful so you can gain regular actionable insight.

Google Analytics implementation and analysis

One of the most useful business intelligence sources available is Google Analytics. However the information on there is increasing all the time… what should you be looking at, what are you doing well, how does that compare with other people in your industry? Between them our team have been working with Google and its platforms for over 20 years, we can provide data analysis and consultancy on any aspect of GA.

Blending and refining data from multiple sources

It’s unlikely your business has a single data source, in fact your marketing department alone maybe managing data from your CRM, GA, your Facebook advertising, sales monitors and a myriad of other sources. As your data analysis and reporting agency we can work with you to bring these data sources together, deliver reports, create visual data storytelling so you get the knowledge you need to maximise your ROI.

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