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You want your digital marketing to be best it can be.  At The Performance Marketing Agency we get that, and we are all about performance – as our name suggests. Our team is here to ensure your digital performance is second to none.



 Innovative, experienced and professional we are here to deliver on your objectives. Across the team we have over 25 years experience in digital marketing (we were surprised when we did that sum too!). Our process is to be informed, intelligent and responsive to the needs of your market and your business so we can get you the best outcomes. Our expertise covers:

Search Marketing

Getting seen by the right people, in the right place at right moment. We can help you be front and centre at that critical time.

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They sit at the heart of every digital marketing campaign. We believe they must be fast, responsive, conversion friendly and embrace your brand ideals.

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Lots of acronyms but all about collecting data and then using that data to drive success. We can support you in getting the best from them.

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We will be honest with you

You’d hope everyone would be wouldn’t you? Sadly that’s not always the case but at The Performance Marketing Agency we promise we will always give you our very best advice.  As your digital marketing company, we want to be your performance marketing partner, making your digital marketing super successful.  We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes with hugely varying budgets in multiple different sectors and if we know something is unlikely to get you the result you want we will always say – even if that means we don’t get your business.  We like to be able to sleep at night.

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A selection of digital marketing services designed around success

You want to be confident your performance marketing and digital marketing company can positively deliver all elements of web-based marketing. We’ve brought together expertise in several key areas to ensure that you can get everything you need to make your business a success online.

We are a digital business so everything we do is informed by data. We use data to research and discover the best markets for your business and use that to inform how we create and build your SEO ready website and utilise it further to develop a powerful SEO and Paid search strategy.

But we don’t just stop there, we can also help you assess and select CRM solutions so you have you own data sources. We can work with you to develop effective customer journeys so you get the best from your Marketing Automation and once you have your data collaborate with so you can access insightful Business Intelligence.

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