Marketing Automation (MA)


Marketing Automation can be as simple a single broadcast email, a complex multi-channel marketing journey or an AI maximising your advertising reach. Get it right and you have a timely, seamless and effective marketing tool with a potentially fantastic ROI.

The team at The Performance Marketing Agency have experience of working on many different marketing automation projects, for international corporates as well as smaller owner operated businesses. We understand how simplicity can sometimes be the most powerful approach in your email marketing but equally how on other occasions sophisticated strategy is needed to meet the needs of multiple customers and company stakeholders.

How do you get the best from email marketing?

There a few rules which are more likely to make your email marketing campaign successful so careful thinking about timing, messaging and UX is key but ultimately every campaign is unique therefore demands its own approach. Our Marketing Automation Consultants Worcester, are here to help you identify the most powerful strategy for your email broadcasts and work with you to build journeys, design and create email marketing communications which deliver increased open rates and crucially conversion.

Why Marketing Automation? Marketing at the right time and place

The advent of marketing automation has allowed businesses to access customers at exactly the right moment in the buying cycle. On the basis of previous actions marketing automation can target potential customers, taking them in a subtle journey to decision or delivering a key marketing message at the perfect moment, whether it’s an email, a text or an ad appearing whilst they’re online. Done well, it all appears to happen, timely and intuitively.

Want to talk to our Marketing Automation Consultants Worcester?

Contact us today, we’d love to hear about your Marketing Automation plans and help them deliver you a great return. Alternatively, if you’d like discover more about us or our other CRM / MA /BI Services, such as CRM, Business Intelligence or Data Reporting please do follow our links.


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